Dharma Hookah Lounge

"The Original Kava-Java-Hookah Lounge"

Wisdom, harmony, connections, friends, flavor, scents, kava, kratom, smiles, smoke... Peace and relaxation... This is Dharma.

Dharma Hookah Lounge serves the sweetest shisha smoke, most kickin' organic Fijian Waka Kava, a variety of ethnobotanical teas, and traditional coffee/teas!

The Dharma, in Buddhist culture, relates to the cultivation and attainment of wisdom is part of the goal and practice of Buddhism. In order to attain wisdom one must understand the nature of things (the dharma), and part of the practice of Buddhism is the investigation of Nature - dhamma-vicaya. This means to adopt an objective, systematic approach to understanding the causal relationships between various phenomena.

I found that the Dharma was a great title for this business because when you enter any decent hookah lounge, you feel relaxed, you can enter the realms of your own thoughts, or breach beside yourself. You can find wisdom, comfort, happiness, and ease conflicting feelings in yourself or others!

Dharma Hookah Lounge is centrally and conveniently located in the heart of Pinellas County on the corner of Ulmerton Road and 66th Street North, just one block west from US-19 and a short, straight shot from I-275!

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13344 66th St., Largo, FL 33771-1814
Dharma Hookah & Kava Lounge offers a wide variety of mood-altering, exotic teas, herbs, and more!  We also serve the sweetest, smooth smokin' hookah flavors and brands in the industry, providing only the finest products for our customers.  Kava, kratom, shisha, hookah, exotic/ethnobotanical herbs, coffee, tea, and more!